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A theme is a combination of desktop background pictures, window colors, and sounds. To get a theme.

Desktop Themes:

window 7 themes

Windows 10 customers can now get Desktop Themes from Microsoft Store. Make sure you’re running Windows 10 on your PC so you don’t miss any of the latest free content. Find out how to upgrade to Windows 10 today.

Cool Windows 7 Themes:

window 7 themes

The first one reminds me of Woodstock – no, I am not that old. I went to Woodstock in 1994 at the height of my childhood and had a great time. Maybe I don’t remember everything that happened out there but my fond memories of backstage Rave Stock and that 22-foot tall”¦ Um yeah I digress, check out this Woodstock theme.

Next up for those users who want to love the Mac way of life so much but cannot commit themselves to the dark side, check out TerraNova that emulates the Mac dock as you can see below:

window 7 themes:

You are now running Windows 7, you read up on my previous posts relating to Windows 7 upgrade issues and downloading great desktop wallpaper for Windows 7 here. Now you want to pretty up your desktop up even more and load a new Windows 7 theme.

Get Windows 7 theme for Windows 10:

window 7 themes

With Windows 7, Microsoft introduced a really unique and beautiful appearance for the operating system. Windows Vista already had some features like transparent window frames with glass (blur effect) but Windows 7 introduced a glass taskbar and a glass Start Menu which follows the Aero color

. They were very well received by most users. With Windows 8, Microsoft removed the glass effect from window frames and the blur effect from the taskbar. In Windows 10, the appearance has become even less 3D, minimalistic and uses completely flat colors without any gradients. Many users are missing the good old look of Windows 7. Let’s see how to get the Windows 7 theme in Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 7 themes :

Visit the Microsoft Windows 7 themes gallery to start your search for a theme that matches your Friday mood. All the themes are free (for personal use) and the selection is quite extensive. They include everything from Movies, Games and Brands as well as Seasons and Places.

How To Install Custom Themes In Windows 7:

Windows 7, using custom themes is essential. The default theme is clunky, blunt and does not suit minimalism. To use custom themes a simple 1 click process can patch the necessary system files; it’s a fool proof process. Also note that this process will work on Vista and XP but there are some minor differences and if you are using either of those OSes you should do more research into it or leave a comment below.

installing Themes:

nstalling’ themes is really just downloading them and copying them into the correct directory.

I like to find themes on DeviantArt, there’s a whole category designated to it so they’re easy to filter through. However, you will pull up many results by searching ‘Windows 7 Themes’ in your favorite search engine

. One thing to note is that there are two types of themes, ‘Aero theme’ and ‘custom themes’. An aero theme is like the built-in themes that came with your PC, for example, you probably have one called architecture, characters or landscapes.

These themes do not need your system files to be modified and can even be downloaded off the Microsoft website. ‘Aero themes’ will usually be in the .themepack format. ‘Custom themes’ which can also use Widnows Aero features (confusing isn’t it?) are usually in a compressed format as there will be multiple files to download.

If you have a theme in this format you can be almost certain that it is a ‘custom theme’; what you have just patched your system files to use.


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